From the London Centre of Vibrational Medicine we hear the following, "All matter vibrates with some level of vibration. What is Vibrational medicine? The human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and element of the body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium, in that organism. When a force in any organ or element of the body becomes deficient in its ability to reproduce that equilibrium necessary for the sustenance of physical existence and its reproduction, that portion becomes deficient in the electronic energy. This may come by injury or by disease, received by external forces. It may come from internal forces through lack of elimination's produced in the system or by other agencies to meet it's requirements in the body." We as authors believe that the body's equilibrium is also very affected by negative energies coming in from thought forms in a person's external environment. Negative energies directed at the human body eventually create a disruption of this physical equilibrium. Similarly positive, loving energy directed at a living organism can create positive results in this organism. Again from The London Centre of Vibrational Medicine, "There are harmonies and rhythms which permeate creation. This idea is as fundamental to ordinary mathematics as it is to electricity. There are octaves of energy, waves and rhythms that can be measured, frequencies and amplitudes and so on. By applying a charge of external energy to a relatively closed system, you can selectively energize this system. It’s the basic principle of resonance. By selectively applying a specific vibration, you seek resonance in one of this subtle band of energies.

The Einsteinian viewpoint of Vibrational Medicine see the human being as a multidimensional organism made up of physical/cellular systems in direct interplay with complex regulatory energetic fields.Vibrational Medicine attempts to heal illness by manipulating these subtle energy fields via directing energy in the body instead of manipulating the cells and organs through drugs or surgery. Orthodox medicine has begun to use external energy for treating illness such as radiation (cancer treatment), electricity (alleviate pain and shrink tumors electromagnetic fields (to stimulate fracture healing or alleviate the pain and inflammation of arthritis. Our physical body has certain self-healing electrical feedback, which tends to promote cellular repair and reorganization after the body has been damaged. The movement of the life force into the physiological cellular systems is guided by the subtle p .there is hierarchy of subtle energetic systems that coordinate electrophysiological and holistic functions as well as cellular structure within the physical body.

These unique energy systems are powerfully affected by our emotions and level of spiritual balance as well as by nutritional and environmental factors. Various vibrational healing modalities such as homeopathy flower essences, crystals, light, color, music, and magneto therapeutic influence these subtle patterns to improve human functioning and heal illness. The energy connections between the physical body and the subtle forces of spirit hold the understanding of the inner relationship between matter and energy.

When Physicians come to better understand the deeper interrelationship principles between body, mind and spirit and the natural laws guiding their manifestation upon our planet, the answer will be a truly Holistic Medicine."

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