If you accept the premise that there is an essence of humans that survives death called a soul, spirit, our divinity or whatever other noun you may prefer, then you can probably accept the theme of this web page. This web site does not have any religious preferences nor dogma that we are trying to teach. We believe that all religions have a glimpse of God/Goddess and are correct for those that have chosen a particular religious path. The purpose of this site focuses on the spirituality of humanity or our relationship with God/Goddess and Natures Universal Laws. We believe that living in harmony with these Universal Laws is the essence of religion. This harmony leads to physical and mental health.

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There are many different methods of meditation to quiet your mind, to connect with the divine, to heal your body and so much more. One method is Reiki, it is is a natural and simple healing method which allows you to absorb more life force energy. The Reiki method vitalizes your life force and balances the energies in your body. Click below to learn about this wonderful discovery from Dr. Usui and information on development classes.
Reiki As A Method of Healing. Master Teacher Richard Russell

Meditation by Yogananda

I am a spark from the Infinite. I am not flesh and bones. I am light.

In helping others to succeed I shall find my own prosperity. In the welfare of others I shall find my own well-being.

I am infinite. I am spaceless, I am tireless; I am beyond body thought, and utterance; beyond all matter and mind. I am endless bliss.

The ocean of Spirit has become the little bubble of my soul.

Whether floating in birth, or disappearing in death, in the ocean of cosmic awareness the bubble of my life cannot die. I am indestructible consciousness, protected in the bosom of Spirit's immortality.

I am no longer the wave of consciousness thinking itself separarted from the sea of cosmic consciousness. I am the ocean of Spirit that has become the wave of human life.

Like a silent invisible river flowing beneath the desert flows the vast dimension-less river of Spirit, through the sands of time, through the sands of experience, through the sands of all souls, through the sands of all living atoms, through the sands of all space.

O Father, Thou art sacred perennial joy, Thou art the joy I seek, Thou art the joy of the soul. Teach me to worship Thee through the joy born of meditation.

O infinite Energy, infinite Wisdom, recharge me with Thy spiritual vibration.

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