The SE-5 plus is the most advanced and flexible instrument available and includes a powerful computer. With the SE-5 plus you can join the select group of individuals experimenting with IDFs. Have you ever had a flash of intuition that was correct?....A certain feeling about a person?..Insights such are these are from Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs).

Books and papers by Sheldrake, Bell, and Einstein refer to the likelihood and purpose of IDFs. Certain IDFs have special names such as biofield, subtle field, and morphic field.

You can easily read IDFs with the SE-5plus. You can learn to tap into unseen knowledge about the environement, plants, and animals. The SE-5plus puts you in touch with all this hidden information.

Used by experts in subtle field research, the SE-5plus is now available to anyone seriously interested in such knowledge.

With the SE-5plus, you have the opportunity to explore incredible new techniques in consciousness, personal growth, and life management.


Theory states that IDFs occur around everything. The IDF contains all the information about wha's inside that field.

In his 1980s' books Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., (Cambridge) refers to morphic (form) fields and morphic resonance. Morphic fields include IDFs.

In 1966, physicist John Bell proposed a test for action-at-a-distance. All the experimental results were positive. IDFs are part of the linking medium between particles.

In 1935, Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen presented a paper proposing that quantum mechanics may be missing "information-at-a-distance". The EPR paradox states that if you separate two fully-described particles, measuring one particle will give the information about the other. A telepathic IDF link appears to exist between the two particles.

The use of dowsing rods by governments and industry to locate underground wires and tunnels is an example of IDF interaction.


A retired physicist designed the SE-5plus. He felt the need for a truly universal instrument to access subtle information.

The SE-5plus selects information using a tuning number, word, or geometric symbol. Tuning the SE-5plus is similar to tuning a radio to different stations.

The SE-5plus is a sophisticated instrument using custom integrated circuits. Computer-designed printed circuit boards include precision coils and geometric patterns. The SE-5plus includes a new sophisticated computer with lists of pre-programmed tunings stored in flash card memory. Useres may build their own sequences of tunings by selecting tunings from these stored lists and/or entering special tunings.

The SE-5plus is somewhat like a biofeedback device and is now even faster and easier to operate, requiring only easy-learned skills.

Use of the SE-5plus is experimental research. The manufacturer makes no claims.
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