Today’s nutrition fitness news is reporting 60% of Americans are overweight or obese. Is that not a cry from our bodies for some help? Research also has shown that when people are loosing weight they are less prone to cancer.

I did many years of research on vitamins, minerals and herbs while studying different cultures all over the world and their basic food habits. Many of those cultures do not have modern diseases. What are we doing wrong? Start reading the labels of what you are eating and ponder them . This is what you are putting in your body and then your body with all it’s intelligence has to figure out what to do with it. Agricultural soils are depleted producing depleted food and than depleted bodies. We supplement our diets, but how do we know that we are getting all the nutrients our body needs. How do we know that we are not putting too many chemicals in our body that it cannot digest.

There are methods out to measure some of it, but they are often expensive and still not giving the whole picture.

One way to start is – watch what you eat, put less processed food in your body, start cleansing your body and give it good nutrients.

We have done extensive research and there are many products on the market that have varying benefits to them. We share some we really like and in which people have had great results. We will share some of the stories of people that learned to heal themselves and are enjoying life more through some of these products.

The first is to cleanse our bodies. Most people in the western world are too acid, most food is to acid-producing, stress is acid-producing and then on top of that we have no time to eat, to chew (producing alkaline saliva). We found a company that focuses on making our body more alkaline.

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There are special herbs from the rainforest that are made in a spargyric process, that keeps the essence of the plants in the products.

Enjoy the nutrition fitness power of the Amazon rainforest

Most people today are over-acid, the diet, stress, not enough time to chew our food - all of that is leading to have our bodies too acid. Innerlight provides a great approach to alkalize energize and nourish our bodies. Find out more:

Innerlight - alkalize and cleanse your body

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