By Greta Laurence
Four years ago my daughter, Helene, became suddenly very ill and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  She was totally disabled, unable to work, function or drive and was in excruciating pain 24/7, with unrelenting, debilitating fatigue.  She was unable to sleep and it was a struggle for her to walk 5 feet.  Taking a shower would knock her out for hours. She was bed ridden for 3 ½ years.  She suffered from “Brain Fog” where she would have difficulty communicating and would forget words.  She had such a level of adrenal stress that noises, bright lights and large crowds made her shake. My husband and I moved her into our home.  She was dying.  As a mother, it was so painful to see such a young, vibrant, joyful person suffering in such a manner, with no apparent hope for recovery.  Every day was long, arduous and painful.  However, through it all, Helene remained optimistic and cheerful, never using her condition as an excuse for pity or mistreating others because of her level of pain.  Truly, my daughter is the bravest person I know.

After seeing 20+ highly specialized doctors, she was told this would be her life-long condition.  They prescribed tons of medication which made her violently ill. They said pain and suffering would be a way of life for her.  She refused to accept this, knowing in her heart there was hope.  After giving up on conventional medicine, due to a totally pessimistic prognosis, she went on an odyssey of alternative treatments.  She tried it all and was able to improve 75%, but was still not in "normal" condition. Through her searching, she came across some natural supplements called SuperGreens which you drink in water.  We affectionately refer to it as our “Miracle Water”. The results have been MIRACULOUS.

In only 6 weeks, Helene went from a sick, disabled and pain filled corpse to a young woman who is energetic, revitalized and in the best health of her life. She lost 20 pounds and is no longer taking 4 insulin shots per day for her diabetes, a disease she has had for over 7 years.  And notably, doctors say you take insulin for life.  In fact, she is off all medication, including all pain medication, her two blood pressure pills, sleeping pills and cholesterol medication.  Her recent blood work was the best in 20 years with normal cholesterol (was 250), normal triglycerides (was 600) and normal liver enzymes. She has had liver challenges since she was 20 years old which included a liver resection surgery in 1996.  She is pain free, has more energy than ever and now feels alive and inspired.  She can’t wait to get up in the morning ... rising with the birds.


My husband, Roger, was diagnosed with diabetes (blood sugar of 350) one month ago. He refused to go on insulin, so we put him on the SuperGreens. Today, his fasting sugar is normal (93), he no longer has pains in his feet (which he suffered with for over 6 years), feels refreshed when he awakens in the mornings (after always sleeping fitfully for only 3-4 hours per night) and is energized yet relaxed.  After 15 years, he is no longer on blood pressure medication. As for me, I also had a blood test after several weeks drinking SuperGreens. Showing me the results, my doctor said, "For a 29 year old woman (ha, ha), you're very healthy!" I was so happy! My son, John, had constant, daily pains in his feet, like his father.  After taking SuperGreens for only one week, his feet stopped hurting like they used to.

As far as weight loss is concerned, this is the easiest and safest way I have seen.  It's based on an entirely new principle, of weight caused by excessive acid in the body, and the fat wrapping itself around the toxins produced by the acid in order to protect the vital organs.  The SuperGreens flushes out the toxins, therefore, the body no longer requires the fat molecules to protect itself and releases it.  The amount of SuperGreens water you drink ensures your body is properly hydrated and helps the body flush out the fat! Fat that was once "saving your life", can now be safely eliminated. 

I am so impressed, inspired and awed with my daughter's recovery.  The SuperGreens is the main reason for her shift to incredible health and I want to share this message with everyone who may be feeling pain, low energy or just not their best. There are so many of us that suffer needlessly, day in and day out.  There is an alternative that works safely and easily.   And I want to spread the word!

I am amazed daily at how well Helene looks and feels.  Having seen her suffer needlessly for over 4 years and then have her life turn around in only 6 short weeks, has been nothing short of an epiphany for me.  If you are in poor health or want optimal health, I implore you to consume SuperGreens!

In Love and Light,

Greta Laurence