Health is defined when our minds and bodies are in balance and we are living in accordance with the Universal Laws of Nature. Disease is manifested in our bodies through external environmental forces, including our nutritional habits and through our minds allowing the manifestation of disease into our physical reality. Stress for instance is identified by most medical practitioners as causing many forms of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Stress allows the thought form to enter into our etheric energy fields and to form blockages in our chakra energy fields. This leads to the resulting affect of a disease which is usually where Western Medicine picks up and starts to treat the symptoms of the malady. Due to the cost of medicine today, increasingly more and more people are without health insurance ,i.e. nearly 70 million Americans alone. Answers need to be found for this impending health care crisis. The authors of this web site concur with the prevalent belief that the answer lies in the prevention of disease for the vast majority of the populace as the only practical approach to healthy living. The following subject areas will recommend authors on these topics, Top Web Sites, and nutritional supplement sources as a way to balance our depleted food supply. Please also cross reference our Spirit, Mind and Energy Medicine web pages for related topics.

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I Am Not the Body

Beloved God, I know that I am not the body, not the blood, not the energy, not the thoughts, not the mind, not the ego,not the astral self. I am the immortal soul that illumines them all remaining unchangeable in spite of their changes.

Eternal Youth of body and mind, abide in me forever, forever,forever.

More and more I will depend for energy upon the limitless supply of the inner source of cosmic consciousness, and less and less upon outer sources of body energy.

O Spirit, teach me to heal the body by recharging it with Thy cosmic energy; to heal the mind by concentration and smiles.

Nutritional Sources Beyond the Ordinary

ALTERNATIVE HEALTH RESEARCH Click here to view examples of ongoing research in Alternative Medicine. This is an expanding area of research which is primarily funded through private financial sources.

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