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Reiki Master Teacher living in Cassadaga, Florida.

As a trained Cassadaga, Florida Medium and certified to do public work, I have developed the gift of Spirit Communication. Although one cannot guarantee a specific connection, loved ones on the other side of life are interested in those they were close to when on the earth plane. Sometimes communication will come through other spirits who are acting on behalf of someone you are trying to communicate with. I have learned not to question what Spirit brings through and by whom, because it is undoutedly for the Highest & Best of the person being read for.

We are told loved ones on the other side of life continue to be interested in us and feel our pain and joy and receive prayers and well wishes. "Life after Life" is filled with spiritual growth for those there and even though they are not burdened with the physical challenges we face on earth. Their time is filled with helping humanity become closer to God. Their understanding of the Universe and humanity is greatly enhanced, however, if someone was burdened with disharmony here on earth that characteristic may still be with them until that lesson of harmony is perfected.

People seeking communcation with deceased loved ones usually are concerned with their well being and often seek closure if their passing was sudden or goodbyes were not possible. The goal in this type of reading is to give the seeker a sense of contentment and peace about that person and how they are doing in their new life. Sometimes the goal is to seek forgiveness from the deceased person.

As a practicing Spiritualist, I believe that we do not die, but rather ascend to a different level of consciousness. The personality of the individual survives in the form of Spirit energy while the soul rises and goes on.

Mediumship demonstration takes form in two basic ways:

1. Physical Mediumship- where there is an actual demonstration of the presence of Spirit, i.e. Table tipping, trumpet voice commumunication, materialization,levitation etc. The art of physical mediumship has been largely lost and is practiced in few places such as the Cassadaga Spiritualist community in Florida and Lily Dale near Buffalo, NY.

2.Mental Mediumship- which is where most mediums practice their gifts today is demonstrated without any tools such as Tarot Cards, runes etc. The medium will have gifts that aid in their interpretaion of Spirit Communication such as Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear sensing), Clairolfactory (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting) and generally have strong intuitive orientation to energies and vibrations which allow them to pick up on Spirit energies from people on the other end of a telephone. Spirit energy is ominipotent and ominipresent and a sensitive will pick up images, relationships, emotions and messages that are appropriate for the person being read.

A good quality reading should be evidential providing the person being read for with some proof of the Spirit entity. A Spirit guide, however, may not be recognizable or similarly a loved one that person may not recognize. We all have lived many life times and have thousands of loved ones, however, through generations these contacts become diminished and the interest for communication is lost unless there is some prevailing reason for a particular family reason to know something of a family lineage.

In the Bible, Paul's letter to the Church in Corinth details in First Corinthians Chapter 12 the nine gifts of Spirit. To paraphrase, some of you will have the gift of healing, some the gift of prophesy, some the gift of tongues, some the interpretation of tongues, some the gift of knowledge and so on. Jesus said, "All of these things you will do and more". We as humans are individualized reflections of the Divine. We have the potential for all these gifts. For reasons of discernment, environmental upbringing, or just plain fear these gifts are not developed for most people. Most people, however, will acknowledge experiencing the "gut feelings" or intuitive feelings that have nothing to do with physical facts. Deja Vou experiences also are an example here.

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