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Medium-Psychic Readings for life guidance and counseling. Thank you for visiting. There are no accidents and your visit to my site is for a reason on your life path. We are all one in this Universe and our thoughts, words and actions affect everyone else whether they are conscious of the influence or not

For most of my adult life I was an entreprenur in the Real Estate Industry and have run Real Estate Brokerage Companies, NY Mortgage Banking Company, General Contractor and so forth. About Age 50, that proverbial Psychic Ball Bat hit me in the forehead and forced me to go in a different direction than the 12 hour days, 7 days a week that I had been doing for 23 years. I found my way to a Meditation Class in 1993 which led to Reiki Healing and eventually a physical relocation from Upstate NY to Cassadaga, Florida where I was introduced to Spritualism and the many teachers and mentors I found there. I studied there and worked there for 10 years learning about myself and the tremendous potential whe have as human beings that is not taught in conventional education or in most families.

I have since become a Spiritual Counselor with a practice in Jacksonville and Cassadaga, Florida. I was led to share what I learned for myself to help others find their way through this earth walk. I prefer face to face counseling with a prearranged appointment, but will do phone counseling in certain situations.

At a Spirit communication session you can expect messages from recognized deceased loved ones from the other side of life. There is no guarantee as to who will come through, but rest assured Spirit is more concerned with what you should hear and from who rather than what an individual sometimes requests.

All sessions are God based and start with a prayer to let only the Highest and Best come through for the person being read for. I am not a fortune teller, palm reader or Taroh Card reader. I am sensitive to pychic energies coming from people and that will influence the reading as it develops. A typical reading is 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours. The fee is based on a persons financial circumstances, but is usually around $65.00.

I look forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of a professional relationship.

Love and Blessings, Richard