The Healthcare Decision Is Back Where It Belongs: Between You and Your Doctor

An alternative to health insurance costs that covers your entire family for only $69.00 per month. No pre-existing condition exclusions. Primary care, vision care, dental care,prescription drugs, please read on. has searched for this type of health coverage and highly recommend that you consider this as a supplement to Medicare and other insurance coverages which are increasingly inadequate.

A Summary of what you will find: Small Businesses can offer affordable health care benefits to their employees, i.e.: Procedure Retail/ Our Price New Office Visit $110/ $54 2nd Office Visit $75/ $31 Blood Test $30/ $ 7 Mammography $178/ $94 Physical $ 80/ $37 MRI $1,046/ $626 Total $1,519/ $849

Amazing Physician Savings *National and specialty PPO Networks with over 500,000 physicians nationwide. *Save money by accessing allowable rates typically reserved for insurance companies. *Average Savings are 10%-50%

Hospital Savings *Access to over 70% of all the hospitals in America *Access an aditional 350,000 physicians (requires hospital stay) *Pre-certification required for all hospital services

Prescription Drug Savings *Save up to 50% on short term acute care medications, anibiotics and pain killers. *Accepted at over 40,000 chain & independent pharmacies nationwide including Eckerds, K-Mart, Kroger, Publix, Target, Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie. *Use the Mail Order Pharmacy for guaranteed lowest pricing on maintenance medications.

24-Hour Nurse Hotline *Toll Free Hotline staffed 24 hours a day by live registered nurses helps you understand the urgency of a medical situation with information on all types of health concerns.

Vision, Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses *Save 10%-60% on all your eyewear needs. *Accepted at over 12,000 locations nationwide including: Lenscrafters, JCPenny, EyeMasters, Sear Optical, Pearl Vision, Sterling, Vista Eyecare and Target Optical.

Dental Care and Orthodontics *Over 20,000 dentists nationwide with no limit on the number of visits and no caps or maximums.

Chiropractic Care * 50% savings on diagnostic services and 30% savings on treatments. *Over 6,000 participating chiropractors nationwide.

Senior and Long Term Care *Savings on nursing homes, home healthcare,durable equipment & other facilities.

Counseling Services *24 hour toll free telephone counseling. *Professional counselors help members deal with issues of any size such as: reliance on alcohol/tobacco or drugs, marital/family and relationship concerns, conflicts at work/home, stress/anxiety/depression/grief,emotions abuse,eating disorders,child/elder care.

Remember all the above for $69.00 per month for the entire family.

To find out how to order this tremendous health coverage, please click on the link below.
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