Integration of Mind Body Spirit is an answer for our Health Care Crisis!

Mind Body Spirit provides you with books, e-books, authors, web sites, discussions and the latest research on alternative health methods. One of the last frontiers for man’s discovery here on earth is the journey within our self and the discovery of our relationships to each other and the universe. Everything in this universe has a vibrational energy that can be measured, compared and is in constant motion. If you are already sick the best place to be is in America for quality treatment by the medical profession here. Prevention, however, has not been a top priority in the West where the USA is 49 out of 50 developed countries in the area of preventive medicine. Join us in the exploration of these mysteries of life. Open your mind and travel to your higher self.

MISSION STATEMENT OF MIND BODY SPIRIT 411 The creators of this website are focused on helping ourselves and you discover the vast potential of our human capacity in this Universe. We believe we are here on this earth plane to help each other grow at all levels of our consciousness. Through our research and recommended websites on books, authors, personal development techniques and other resources we discover, we offer these for your consideration. It is our mission to help you in the following ways: * Provide resources to increase your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. * Help you create real and constant happiness in your life regardless of your past experiences. * Significantly improve your overall sense of well-being and inner peace. * Help you create your own success in the world, along with the personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that comes with being successfull.

Mind deals with integrating the capacity of our intuition and thinking. Thoughts manifest in our physical bodies in the form of health or disease. Meditation and prayer can create health.
Body deals with balancing our relationship with the Universal Laws of Nature and manifesting health through our minds.
Spirit deals with developing our spirituality. This subject deals with our souls' relationship with the divine, God or Goddess among many names for the Great Architect of the Universe.
Energy Medicine deals with all living organisms on the earth having a vibrational level. Vibrational energy healing modalities attempt to bring energy levels in the human body into balance.
Nutrition supplements are necessary for health fitness
Our human relationships with each other and how we treat our neighbors has immense effects on our stress and our health
Events all over the world that help us in our spiritual growth, personal development, health or for a peaceful planet
Build a holistic web site offers to give a personal account of what has worked for us. Who are the best authors and gurus. If you have a passion for alternative medicine build a web site.
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Health Insurance costs for individuals have increased by 35% and are expected to increase 40% over the next few years. Wizecare at $69/ month for a family is an alternative to managed care.
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